Bernard Newman - A research project and archive

Rubbing Shoulders with the Famous

Bernard Newman's travels, lectures and books brought him into contact with many famous figures. Some are listed below as I work my way through his autobiography.

Simon Hipkin Oct 2011


Shotcuts to paragraphs on this page in alphabetical order, apologies to King Zog of Albania

Walt Disney

Clark Gable

Adolf Hitler

Nelson Mandela

Magaret Thatcher

King Zog of Albania


Adolf Hitler

When researching his travel book 'The Blue Danube' ...

'My Danube journey began pleasantly in Germany. Before I passed into Austria I had a casual encounter with Hitler, who had become Chancellor a few months earlier. He was not very communicative, but when I mentioned Austria the pitch of his voice rose. I had little doubt that he would never be happy until he had added Austria to his Reich.'

Speaking from Memory, page 76

Walt Disney

During WW2, Bernard Newman lectured in Canada & USA for the Ministry of Information.Passing through Hollywood, he was summoned by Walt Disney to seek his opinion of an animated feature that was in production. (More on this later) Newman refused payment but accepted three signed water colours for each of his three daughters. Photos in Gallery

Nelson Mandela - 14th Aug 1964 - The Times

 This meeting co-incides with his travel book'South African Journey' published in 1965

Nelson Mandela was imprisoned on Robben Island on 12 June 1964

Margaret Thatcher

He gets a mention when he lectured at her school

Magaret Thatcher's Biography

King Zog of Albania

Speaking from Memory, page 78

Clark Gable

American Journey, page 137

Speaking from Memory, page 124